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Puma Dart Mat
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Puma Dart Mat

Full sized heavy duty rubber dart mat with throw lines clearly marked for both steel tip and soft tip darts. Another benefit is that it  protects the floor directly in front of board from bounce outs.

Chris White reviews the Puma Dart Mat...
"Since I have my dartboard in the garage, I needed something to protect my darts from the rare bounce outs I get from my Bandit Plus board and the PUMA dart mat is perfect. Not only does it protect my darts, it includes the toe line for both soft tip and steel tip which is great since I play both games regularly. Also, the heavy duty dart mat lies on the floor without curling up. Finally, the mat is easy on the feet for those long practice sessions! ..... Chris White

Weight:  9.5kgs
Approximately 3.5mm thickness  width of mat 620mm



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