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In 1987, a group of dedicated pool players in Louisville, Kentucky formed a small company based on a simple but unique idea creating a pool table that would so surpass all others in quality and craftsmanship that it would become the standard for national and international tournament play.

Diamond Pool Tables

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Diamond Professional - Excellence Billiards
Diamond Professional - Excellence Billiards

Diamond Professional

DIAMOND BILLIARD PRODUCTS INC. most popular table is the 9' PROFESSIONAL. Precision fitting frame. Developed by professional players with skilled engineers and designers. Meets or exceeds all specifications from the Billiard Congress of America. Used at major sanctioned tournaments across the United States. Performance engineered to provide exce...


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Diamond Tiffany - Excellence Billiards

Diamond Tiffany

The TIFFANY model and the world famous Tiffany Diamond have one very important feature in common: They stand above all their peers with their flawless quality and classic design

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Diamond Jubilee - Excellence Billiards

Diamond Jubilee

Just as the Jubilee diamond is considered to be a perfectly cut diamond, The JUBILEE table by Diamond is a perfectly designed pool table. Its sleek body is a tasteful understatement of its beauty.

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Diamond Oppenheimer - Excellence Billiards

Diamond Oppenheimer

Elegant in its simplicity, The OPPENHEIMER table stands strong. The straight faceted design reflects the simple, yet precision cut of the diamond which inspired it.

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Diamond Arkansas - Excellence Billiards

Diamond Arkansas

Strong and rugged as the land of its diamond namesake. The sturdy legs which The ARKANSAS table's solid wood body stands upon, house Diamond's exclusive (nearly invisible) leveling system, and straight faceted design reflects the beautifully simple, yet precision cut of the diamond which inspired it.

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Diamond Pro-AM - Excellence Billiards

Diamond Pro-AM

DIAMOND BILLIARD PRODUCTS INC. is excited to introduce the new DIAMOND PRO-AM for the finest billiard halls and homes around the world. The PRO-AM is our highest grade commercial model table. It is an extremely quiet ball return table that includes all the same features and playability of our DIAMOND PROFESSIONAL. The PRO-AM is superior in terms...


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Diamond Paragon - Excellence Billiards

Diamond Paragon

Elegant Home Style Table with the legendary playability of Diamond Tournament Tables Available in 1” thick one piece slate design or three piece slate design Built in leveling system, 20 points one piece slate, 40 points 3 piece slate Manufactured exclusively in Solid Hardwood Maple construction, stained to suit Bi-Level pocket design mounted f...


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Diamond Smart Table - Coin Operated - Excellence Billiards

Diamond Smart Table - Coin Operated

DIAMOND BILLIARD PRODUCTS INC. is pleased to present the coin-operated DIAMOND SMART TABLE™. We want all vendors/operators to see and experience the action and revenue of this innovative pool table. The DIAMOND SMART TABLE™ is superior in terms of quality, construction, and materials. Most importantly, it’s the only coin-operated table in the wo...


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